Summertime Sales

What a busy summer it has been for home sales for Hillsborough County, and for those in Keystone been paying attention, you’ve seen an extraordinary increase in demand for this disappearing lifestyle.  With the price of an average home nearly double the state average, residents of Odessa are seeing real value of their homes jump.  Rates may not keep up with the pace that they have been; as recent numbers show a slight decline in the skyrocketing, upward price trends, this northwest section of Hillsborough County is still the perfect destination for many looking to enjoy this idyllic, rural, yet sophisticated community.

One of life’s little treats for me, is when with clients or family that may be unfamiliar with the area, is to see their face while driving around town. They fall in love.

Two years ago it was easy to see a home going for $120 to $130 a square foot.  Those days are gone.  With consistent sales prices of $170 to $190 a square foot in some neighborhoods and well more than that, up to $250 a square on lakefront, prices for houses in Odessa have quickly become hard for many to obtain.

What’s the driving force?  School Zone and Lifestyle.  Hillsborough and Pasco’s finest schools, libarys, and parks are located in Odessa.  Parents and kids can’t get enough of getting away from it all.  We’re so lucky but KCA’s dedication to continued community improvement and involvement it’s no wonder everyone loves the neighborhood